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How To Create The Luxury Bathroom Of Your Dreams

Luxury bathrooms are all about combining functionality with thoughtful touches. From adding a centrepiece tub to considering lighting and accents, every decision you make contributes to the look and feel of your bathroom. Learn more about how simple luxury home design choices can transform a drab bathroom into a tranquil haven. Lighting Natural Lighting While bathrooms are generally smaller than other rooms, natural light should be maximised to add space and flow. Include a highlight window or skylight to allow natural light in while still protecting privacy. Artificial Lighting Artificial lighting can dramatically impact the feel of any space. Instead of opting for clinical white lights, aim for replicating a warm and natural flow of light through the room with lights at a temperature between 2700K and 3000K. Add twin sconces on either side of your vanity mirror, gentle and subdued ceiling lights or back lighting underneath cabinets for subtle yet effective solutions. Colour and Paint While minimalism is on-trend, […]

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Create the Home of Your Dreams: Tips for Building a Luxury Home

Building a luxury home is an incredibly rewarding experience. From coming up with the initial design concept to finalising every small detail, you can have your say on exactly how you want things to be. But, with so many decisions to be made, the luxury home design and build process can become overwhelming. At Azure Luxury Homes, we’re specialised luxury home builders in Perth. Bringing homes of all sizes to life, our custom home builders execute designs with finesse and expertise. Learn more about our process and find out our top tips on creating your luxury home. Decide on Your Location Whether you’re building your very first luxury home or crafting a holiday house for relaxation and recreation, you need to make some solid decisions before the build begins. You might have a number of suburbs and neighbourhoods in mind and need to narrow down the perfect block of land. Consider its proximity to amenities and areas that you frequent. […]

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Luxury Home Inclusions: Create Your Dream Home with our Custom Builder

Crafting your very own luxury home is an experience like no other. From the layout and design of your floorplan to the finishes and final touches, your luxury home should echo who you are. Combining function and practicality with elegance and distinction, luxury home inclusions are all about making everyday tasks a little more special. From the seamlessness of modern technology through to the appeal of high end surfaces, premium inclusions complete the style and functionality of true luxury homes. At Azure Luxury Homes in Perth, our skilled custom home builders specialise in bringing luxury home designs and concepts to life. Utilising premium materials and drawing upon extensive industry experience, we translate your dreams into reality. Our custom builders go above and beyond to complete your luxury home with all the necessary (and indulgent) inclusions that make your home brilliant. Designs for Every Family From compact single storey homes to homes spanning multiple levels, Azure Luxury Homes creates bespoke luxury […]

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Luxury Add-ons That Will Set Your House Apart

  Building your own luxury signature home is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Now that you’re in the box-seat to do just that, you’ll want to know the features and additions that will elevate it to great architectural heights. As you get started, Azure Luxury Homes, Perth’s leaders in custom home design, want to share with you their luxury add-ons list to truly set your house apart from the rest. Open up and say, “Ahh!” Open floor plans are a genuine chance to spread the signature home look further. Whether your new design will be the size of a football field or a more modest footprint, a big statement can be made! The idea is to be open, airy and selective in your glamourous additions. You need to allow your guests eyes to take in the pulse points. Imagine a grand, marble tiled entry that opens out to a spacious, airy concept where a chandelier cascades over a chaise lounge in the […]

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5 Tips for Building the Perfect Kitchen

Kitchens are where we eat, clean, create, relax and connect, so doesn’t it make sense that this hub of life be functional in its design, fluid in its pathways and amazing to look at? That’s what Azure Luxury Homes thinks. As the luxury home builders of Perth, we achieve it on a weekly basis. Today, we open up our designers’ minds to reveal their top five tips for building your perfect kitchen. A space styled for everyone A clever luxury home design combines the delivery of food with how the household uses the kitchen. What if your children want help with their homework at the same time that you’re preparing dinner? Then you pop in an island bench that incorporates a study space and a meal prep area. Is there a master chef that’s a tad messy? Then engineered stone benchtops are ideal for greater durability and stain resistance. They’re so beautiful and more economical than the real thing! Sometimes, […]

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The 5 Best Benefits of Custom Home Design

The biggest delight when owning your own home is that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want within those four walls. But first, you have to decide if those walls will belong to an existing home or your own custom design.

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How to Create a Perfectly Balanced Home

Ever rearranged a room and thought, “Why didn’t I do that before, it feels perfect now?” That’s the core idea behind balance – a vital design principle that makes a space inviting and harmonious in exclusive homes.

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