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Our Process


There’s something indescribably special about a home that has been designed and built around your dream.

And when you explain to a builder about what’s in your head, and they can see it in theirs, you know you are about to create something very special together. We work collaboratively to create a high quality custom-built home that will exceed your expectations.

We know that this home we’re about to make with you is not only the biggest financial commitment you’ve encountered, it’s probably also going to be the biggest emotional investment.

So the business owners, Rob and Steve will be the people alongside you on this journey, every step of the way.

We’re builders and designers who genuinely care about our craft. And we are humbled by the fact that so many customers trust us to deliver their dreams.

Excellence in Custom Designed Homes

Azure Luxury Homes is a boutique construction company specialising in quality custom designed homes.

Passion for Excellence

With a passion for design and construction excellence and a commitment to fine details, we manage your home build from design to construction. We utilise our skill and expertise to ensure that your luxury home is crafted to a high standard of quality unique to Azure Luxury Homes.

Reputable Home Design Professionals

Our team of registered luxury home builders in Perth, alongside our building design partner, have in excess of 60 years of collective experience in design and construction. Creating bespoke luxury homes across the region, we’ve developed a strong reputation for innovative and industry-leading practices.

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