Registered and Experienced Boutique Builders in Perth

Directors Rob Del Paggio and Steve Di Fulvio are both Registered Builders with decades of professional experience in bringing luxury home designs to life.

Attentive and Personal Services

At Azure Luxury Homes, we believe that the best luxury home builds are born out of collaborative relationships. Rob and Steve work with you throughout your design and build process, ensuring that you’re always looped in and consulted on your luxury home design. As established luxury builders in Perth, we keep our lines of communication clear and open to craft industry-leading homes to suit your needs.

It’s Who We Are

As dedicated boutique builders in Perth, crafting bespoke luxury homes is in our blood. By choosing Azure Luxury Homes, you’re opting for a dedicated team committed to bringing your dream to life. Get started on transforming your dream home into a reality with expert luxury home design and building services.


Steve Di Fulvio

Steve is a Registered Builder with over 20 years of experience in project supervision and construction management. He has worked extensively on overseeing the construction of luxury home design projects ranging from exclusive architecturally designed homes to multi-level unit developments. An integral part of the Azure Luxury Homes team, Steve spearheads the transformation of your home’s design concept into an innovative and inspiring luxury home build.

Rob Del Paggio

Rob has worked extensively in Perth’s premier housing market and is a Registered Builder with over 20 years of professional experience. Leading our team of luxury builders in Perth, Rob’s roles have included project supervision, quantity and quality control, project management and contracts administration. With expertise in luxury home design and building, he takes projects from initial conceptual stages to structured, transparent and feasible plans. Able to define contracted terms and oversee project management, Rob ensures that all luxury home builds are completed to strict high standards.

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